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About Michelle Spencer

Beginning as a young adult I wore many hats: wife & mother, caregiver of my own mom, college student, co-worker and manager of several businesses. I changed my focus several times from retail assistant general manager, personal trainer, director of a fitness center and social service healthcare provider.  In 2014 my life changed forever when I had a stroke due to a ruptured arteriovenous malformation (AVM.) 

Michelle Spencer, owner of Balanced Wellness & Therapies
Michelle's stitches following her brain surgery

I was born with a tangle of abnormal blood vessels in my brain and all that time, they weren’t carrying blood back and forth from my heart to my brain as they should, and they were ballooning under the pressure.

Arteriovenous malformation or AVM — a rare condition that happens in less than one percent of the general population. An AVM can develop in blood vessels throughout the body but is more apt to happen in the brain or spine.

After several emergency surgeries, I was able to go home from a Boston hospital and try to recover from the physical and severe emotional trauma. 

I knew I was going to need more than the Western Medical Community had to offer. I had debilitating head pain, nerve damage, sight impairment, fatigue, depression and anxiety. I was also diagnosed with Aphasia which is a language disorder that affects your ability to communicate. It is most often caused by a stroke or brain injury in the left side of the brain that control speech.  Stress and sleep deprivation can make aphasia flare up and I had both!  I tried everything including pharmaceutical medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, speech pathology, counseling, etc. I had to try something to help me function and have a quality of life that I deserved.


My massage therapist suggested hypnotherapy. She had been certified and so I gave it a try. I had already trusted her as a professional and knew we had a good rapport. I also had been to a hypnotherapist years before to reduce sugar cravings and also a group relaxation session. I finally found some relief of chronic migraines, panic attacks and found that being able to calm my mind also helped improve my aphasia symptoms.

Why work with me?

  Because I care about your well-being!

I had always wanted to help people. After seeing my own results, I decided to learn Hypnotherapy professionally.  I was intrigued to see how I could use it with other holistic therapies that I offer, like Reiki, meditation, aromatherapy, Yoga and Ayurveda. I started with self-hypnosis, the history of hypnotherapy, the Egan model, the Milton model by studying with two accredited online institutions. I finally embarked on an in-person intensive program of Clinical Hypnotherapy that included the theory, philosophy, Spirituality, contact hours and internship of the profession.  My goal is to lead You on the track of healing and self-discovery that give you tools to be independent on your own health-Physically, Emotionally and Mentally. I have a list of Licensed Professionals to refer you to if you need more than I can offer. A lot of time, I work in tandem with MD's, LPC's, and even Physical Therapists.  

At Balanced Wellness & Therapies, my mission is to help my clients to balance the body & mind with the heart & soul. To empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being. I offer a range of services, including hypnotherapy, yoga, and more, to help you achieve optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I am an experienced practitioner, dedicated to providing personalized care and support to help you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you are looking to manage stress, overcome anxiety, improve your sleep, or simply feel more relaxed and at peace, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

Certifications / Credentials:

  • Experienced Yoga Teacher

  • Pilates Instructor

  • Children's Yoga and Mindfulness teacher

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Intergrated Energy Therapy® practitioner

  • Professional, Clinical Aromatherapy

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Relationship Assessment

  • Board Certified Mental Health Coach

  • Ordained Interfaith Minister 

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