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My mission at Balanced Wellness & Therapies is to help you to
balance the body & mind with the heart & soul.
My services are affordable and accessible, featuring out of the box mental, emotional and physical health care. I combine Eastern and Western Medical Systems meeting in the middle as tools for healing, with services including hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Yoga, and Ayurvedic Medicine, along with evidence-based education and protocols. All are designed to help you achieve optimal wellness.
I also offer guidance on the use of essential oils and herbal remedies to complement your wellness routine.


Michelle Spencer, C.Ht.

Michelle Spencer, owner of Balanced Wellness & Therapies

Let me tell you a little about me...

Beginning as a young adult I wore many hats -- wife & mother, caregiver of my own mom, college student, co-worker and manager of several businesses. I changed my focus several times from retail assistant general manager, personal trainer, director of a fitness center and social service healthcare provider.


In 2014 my life changed forever when I had a stroke due to a ruptured arteriovenous malformation... 

Helen, MDI ME

Thanks Michelle. I really liked the class and signed up for session 2.   I usually avoid exercising and with you in charge, I look forward to the hour. My goal is to exercise other times in the week! Onward~"
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